Why Is Annapurna So Deadly?

why annapurna so deadly

Annapurna, as a fascinating mountain, lures climbers from around the world. Many elite climbers attempt scaling her being struck with her beauty. Sadly, only a few of them return. Annapurna is among the deadly peak in the world. To this date, 157 of climbers have successfully climbed this mountain. But, 60 climbers died while attempting. … Read more

Hardest Mountains to Climb

Standing at the giant snow-covered peaks is the most blissful feeling once can get in his/her life. But, along with the bliss, many mountains are life-threatening due to the technical and climatic challenges they possess. Some mountains have the treacherous weather condition with strong storms. While some mountains have cliffs that are impossible to climb. … Read more

Organic Big Pad Review

Organic Big Pad Review

Bigger boulder climbing demands bigger pads. The usual-sized crashpads can be too small and risky for bigger crags. For safe bouldering, you need to look for the bigger and thicker pad. While searching, you may have come across many boulderers suggesting Organic Big Pad. So, why is there so much fuss about the Organic Big … Read more